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In a business climate focused on doing more with less, software tools are a critical component for increasing efficiency. BAA has extensive experience with industry standard tools, e.g. MATLAB, AutoCad, and PTC Integrity. We can assist your organization by migrating old data to new tools, providing training, or even hosting help desks. BAA also creates custom tools designed to address a variety of issues, including data entry, reporting metrics, and diagramming. Whether you’re looking to improve current tool usage, adopt new tools, or pursue a custom solution, BAA is here to help.

Create tools that automate repetitive processes

  • Process raw data

  • Generate metrics & reports

  • Import/export data

  • Diagram relationships (iVRT)


Launch and Support New Tools

  • Provide training

  • Host help desks

  • Migrate data

“Before software can be reusable, it has to be usable.”

- Ralph Johnson

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