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BAA is heavily involved in a dynamic and fast-changing world but has been a steady player since 1996 when it was founded by Bill Austin. We have ample experience in manufacturing companies in functional areas such as Engineering, Diagnostics, Service and Information Management. We understand the need for fast and accurate responses as demanded by world-class manufacturers.


At BAA, we work to clarify complexity. We understand the importance of getting the problem stated clearly and thus break down complex processes into their component parts.

The BAA way is based upon the following tenets:

Customer Knowledge – We seek to understand the culture as well as the business of a customer to provide a best-fit situation for the project teams. You can expect BAA to work initially with you to gain this understanding in our initial communications. We will then work to find the best fit for your particular need.

Systems Thinking – The BAA logo shows an underpinning of “Information Engineering”. When looking at business issues and processes there is always a component of information. Information exposes the complexity of how the individual pieces interact to complete the overall puzzle.  Often times, the systems engineering approach reveals the true underlying issue at hand.

Requirements Understanding – BAA has extensive experience working to help define product requirements. Getting requirements right is both difficult and essential to ultimately providing the best solution. BAA defines, documents, records and tracks requirements.

Architectural Approach – BAA also works to put requirements into a broader, architectural context. Products and processes exist within some kind of overall environment. This environment must be understood to create a proper solution. BAA consultants work to understand the broad context within which they are working and the relationships involved in the architectural components. In our experience the relationships between components are very often overlooked and thus not clearly defined, yet are key to successful product development. BAA’s iVRT product exemplifies our understanding of this problem and provides a solution.

Process Flow – BAA consultants are trained to document and diagnose process flows. Understanding the processes, analyzing them, identifying areas of waste or places to improve, are fundamental to creating quality products and repeatable processes.  The BAA team is well-versed and has extensive experience working with manufacturing companies. We understand the culture, the terminology, the business pressures and challenges.

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