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BAA’s experience and leadership with diagnostics and service tools extends back to the 1980s with the very first applications of electronic control modules mounted on engines. That experience was built upon by the application of service requirements and diagnostics for serviceability, to today’s practices of diagnostics and processes. Specifically, we work with the OBD regulatory environment including requirements translation for US and international jurisdictions, technical compliance assessments, certification documentation, calibration and diagnostic-specific project management.


From the service perspective, BAA has been a leader in defining serviceability requirements, diagnostic procedures, troubleshooting trees, and service information compliance. While government-mandated OBD has been focused towards on-highway applications, many of the lessons learned are applicable to off-highway and industrial products. It is only a matter of time before the OBD regulatory mandates phase into the off-highway world.


BAA can help you get ahead of the power curve.

In order to reduce downtime, technicians need to

  • Diagnose quickly

  • Repair efficiently

  • Get it right the first time

BAA is skilled in diagnostics related to

  • Serviceability

  • OBD Compliance

Experience from first engine mounted controls to the  present enables BAA to

  • Perform root cause analysis

  • Write troubleshooting trees and repair/install manuals

  • Provide project management techniques unique to diagnostics

  • Design and calibrate diagnostics

  • Create certification documentation and support tools

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