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Bill Austin

Bill Austin is a leader who has turned his dreams into reality. In January 1996, Bill launched Bill Austin & Associates, Inc., specializing in system engineering and assimilation of information in systems in product development companies. For over two decades Bill has built a solid foundation of business partners by helping them bridge the gaps wherever there was a need. His keen eye for selecting and developing talent has allowed him to acquire experienced staff and expertise to provide solutions to complex engineering problems.  


Bill’s experience includes 7 years with the U. S. Navy as a project manager on the Trident Missile Fire Control System. During his 14 years in engineering and management at a commercial heavy equipment manufacturer, Bill led efforts in designing controls, information systems, diagnostics/OBD, and support systems for mobile electronics. These efforts resulted in the industry’s first over the air software delivery systems for regulated-products, as well as one of the first industrialized portable computers.


Affiliated with SAE since 1982, Bill helped create the first environmental and data link standards for mobile, heavy equipment.  He has also published papers that covered topics varying from sensor development to the maintenance of systems for heavy-duty vehicles.  This includes serving ten years as chairman and session organizer for SAE conferences which focused on system engineering and its use within the heavy-duty vehicle industry. He has also held various roles in IEEE and is a Senior Member.  He helped found the INCOSE Crossroads of America chapter as the first president.


Bill and Jenny, his wife for more than 50 years, live in Brown County, Indiana where Bill held elected offices as County Commissioner and president of the school board. 


Bill Austin holds a BSEE degree from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology - the No. 1 ranked engineering undergrad school in the US.

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Jennifer Mock

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Jennifer joined BAA in 2010. She began her career at Allison Gas Turbine as a test engineer where her duties included developing instructions and directing build and test for experimental design verification, certification, and qualification validation of gas turbine engines. Much of her focus with BAA has been on the translation of regulatory requirements and the delivery of those requirements through PLM tools such as Teamcenter and Windchill RV&S.  She has also been called on heavily for her project management skills which have been used to drive many projects forward for BAA. 


Most recently, she has turned her attention toward expanding BAA into a broader marketplace and serving on the BAA leadership team. Jennifer is the Executive Director of Sales and Marketing and manages employees along with customer relationships for BAA.  


Jennifer holds a BSME from GMI Engineering and Management Institute.

Amy Liimatta

Amy Liimatta joined BAA in 2020 after a 26-year career at Cummins in the Service Function. During her time at Cummins, Amy worked in Service Engineering as a field test and product support engineer, was the Service Functional Excellence leader, and held roles in project management and chief of staff.

​At BAA, Amy is the Director of Engineering Services. She currently manages the teams supporting the translation of regulatory requirements and aftermarket engineering support areas along with the IT function.  As a Six Sigma Blackbelt, Amy brings her knowledge of process development and improvement to the BAA team.  She also works to expand BAA into other areas and has introduced CRM tools to better serve our customers.  

Amy received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Louisville.

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Carley Densford

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Carley Densford joined BAA in 2021. Before pursuing opportunities in business, she held a career in education as an English teacher. Her teaching experience allowed her to hone skills in communication, time management, decision-making, and adaptability which have proven instrumental in her transition into the business sector.  

In her current role as Manager of Finance and HR Administration, she is responsible for the human relations, resources, and financial functions of BAA. Carley also holds the position of Executive Assistant to Bill Austin and oversees company communications, aids in business strategies and development, and manages office operations. 

Carley received her BS in Secondary Education from Indiana University.

Barb Kubisch

Barb Kubisch joined BAA in 2018. Her career began at Dow Chemical Company where she worked in Research and Development on polystyrene and other thermoplastics, including pilot plant process development/production work, the characterization and evaluation of experimental products, and as technical support for production plants and new product start-ups.


Barb’s primary focus at BAA has been on translation efforts of on-highway and off-highway emissions regulations, including numerous EPA, CARB, and European Union regulations. Barb manages a team that translates regulatory language into requirements along with facilitating the formal approval of translations with the customer. She also oversees the importation and verification of those translations in PTC Windchill Lifecycle Manager.


In addition, Barb also manages customer relationships and employees for projects outside of regulatory requirements. BS in Chemical Engineering from Michigan Technological Institute.

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Bill Bryden

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Bill brings diverse business and engineering experiences to BAA.  After audio engineering financed his graduate school, he joined Cummins Engine Company then transitioned into Cummins Electronics.  His work ranged from advanced driveline and engine control team leader, program management, external business development, to product management and planning.  He moved to Pi Research USA as their General Manager, a company that provided services and data acquisition systems and control electronics for motor racing markets including NASCAR and Indycar.  Additionally they developed engine and powertrain control products for US based commercial customers.  Eventually, Bill heeded a calling as President for a non-profit aviation membership association and continued on their board of directors after his tenure while he formed his own company continuing to consult in the governmental relations and regulatory affairs.  His business provided other engineering services including developing and producing submersible remote operated robotic inspection systems for water storage facilities.  

He has published with the Society of Automotive Engineers and authored over 50 aviation journal articles and a hang gliding instructional text book.  Bill joined his old Cummins friend Bill Austin in 2009 and currently handles regulatory requirements, engineering and business development at BAA.

Bill has a BSEE and MBA from the University of Illinois. 

Steve Larson

Steve joined BAA in 2021 after retiring from Cummins after working 35 years in Engineering. During his time at Cummins, he worked in Fuel Systems Service Engineering, Current Product Engineering, Product Development, New Product Introduction, and Electronics Current Product Engineering (ECM & sensors). 

He is a certified 6 Sigma Green Belt and has worked in Quality with the Cummins / Scania JV. He has served in many Project Management and group management roles as well as working with Scania for 20 years supporting the implementation of Cummins Fuel Systems on their engines.

At BAA, Steve is a Senior Recruiting Manager, manages the BAA Contractors, and supports work to identify new Business opportunities. 

Steve graduated from North Dakota State University with a Bachelors and Masters degree in Agricultural Engineering.

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Aine Donovan

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Aine Donovan, a seasoned electronic engineer with a diverse and dynamic career, has been shaping the fields of radio frequency design, applications engineering, and project management for over two decades.

She began her professional journey at Macom Eurotec, specializing in radio frequency design for cable TV accessories. Her expertise soon led her to Analog Devices, where she worked as an Applications Engineer focused on ADC (Analog to Digital Converters), further honing her skills in cutting-edge electronic design and applications.

Embracing entrepreneurship, she spent over a decade in the early education industry, where she developed a deep passion for diversity and inclusion. This experience enriched her perspective and has continued to influence her approach to engineering and team dynamics.

In 2018, she relocated from Ireland to Minnesota and reignited her engineering career through Cummins' returnship program in 2019 joining the Power Generation Product Application Engineering team. This transition marked a significant return to her engineering roots.

She joined Bill Austin and Associates in April 2022. As a Project Manager, she has been instrumental in overseeing a variety of projects, including regulatory compliance, on-board diagnostics, and engine wiring diagrams. Her comprehensive understanding of both technical and regulatory landscapes, coupled with her commitment to fostering inclusive environments, has been vital to the successful execution of these projects.

With a career spanning multiple industries and continents, she brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to her current role, continuously driving innovation, excellence, and inclusivity in engineering and project management.

Aine graduated from the University of Limerick in Ireland in 1999 with a Bachelor in Engineering in Electronic Engineering.

Chris Price

Chris Price joined BAA in 2021 after a 42-year career at Cummins in the Supply Chain, Information Technology, Digital, and Quality functions. During his time at Cummins, Chris worked in various Computing Services, Disaster Recovery, Telematics, and Advanced Analytics areas, with roles managing data centers, technology labs, and Cloud service providers.


At BAA, Chris is the leader of Information Technology. He is currently working on a strategy for the function and has already implemented an HR tool to improve internal efficiencies. As a Six Sigma Black Belt, Chris also brings his knowledge of process improvement to the BAA team.


Chris received his Bachelor’s degree in English & Comparative European Literature from the University of Warwick.

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