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Looking for a small company where you can grow, be independent and have the ability to advance at your own pace, work your own hours and be rewarded for what you contribute?  How about BAA, a technology company that’s working on challenging system engineering projects with a wide range of companies?

BAA offers flexible work hours to allow a home life and a way to match your personal goals and interests.  Our basic structure was created to support customers but allow each person to work the most flexible schedule possible. We have work schedules ranging from two hours per day to ten hours per day as well as several partial days per week to five extended days per week.  A self-directed vacation fund allows employees to take time off as they would like to schedule it.

Take a look at the jobs listed, and if you are interested,  send your resume and cover letter below.

Engineering Associate


Bill Austin & Associates (BAA), is launching their new Engineering Associate initiative. This pilot program is being launched with both customers’ and employees’ success in mind. BAA strongly believes there is a customer need for this which will drive opportunities for the local workforce.



With the ever-increasing data and information needs in industry along with the growing specialization of engineers, there is a demand for bright people who possess a moderate amount of technical training to support overwhelmed engineers. These resources may assist with general data management, requirements tool support, report writing, data tracking, etc. The opportunity is to offload these tasks from engineers by using cost effective resources while at the same time enabling those resources to perform substantive work in a field of interest.




BAA has on hand and continues to gather a pool of resources and will work diligently with customers to find the right match based on current needs. Resources are put through a solid vetting process by BAA in order to best meet the needs and desires of both the customer and the resource. 


“BAA has identified a unique need that their customer base has. Customers need help in a new way and BAA is ready with a unique solution. The EA Initiative will connect bright, ambitious, detail-oriented, Engineering Associates with customers,” said CEO Bill Austin. The company has addressed a need in the industry with their initiative by finding people to assist with technical work while keeping costs low, and alleviating some of the day-to-day tasks that bog down engineers. For more information on how this initiative can work within your organization, contact BAA at If you feel you’re a good candidate for this type of role, submit your resume to

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