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Integrity Dashboards for Project Management

Project Basics

A manufacturing company recently adopted PTC Integrity, a lifecycle management software. As usual with new product adoptions, users struggled to quickly and efficiently access and review project information. BAA built a series of Integrity dashboards, charts, and queries to increase usability of use of the system.  These dashboards provided information related to requirement development, verification & validation testing, change management, and user workload.  


Benefits Realized


Requirement, testing, and change management data are being migrated to an unfamiliar tool. As a result, users are losing valuable time fetching, filtering, and interpreting data. Additionally provided chart and query building is not user friendly which makes it somewhat difficult to create these important time saving tools.


Create a quick launch dashboard that provides users with queries, charts, and reports. These should allow users to quickly drill down to the data they need, give users graphical project snap shots, and provide high level summaries.

BAA built within Integrity:

  • 5 Dashboards                          

  • 30 queries

  • 97 charts                

  • 4  Reports

  • Dashboards allow project managers to quickly identify and address issues.

  • Provide a simpler method for accessing data, without needing to be an expert in the tool. 

  • Provides a way to focus improvement work by giving a role-based reporting view.

  • Allows users to track their progress against project deadlines.

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