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Job Posting
ECM Engineer

Columbus, Indiana

Job Summary

Coordinate the field testing of engine electronic control modules and similar components including part assignment, failure tracking, return and submission to failure analysis processes.  Coordinate and lead failure root cause analysis.  Communicate durability/longevity statistics and failure analysis to design teams, product teams and component suppliers.  Track and monitor corrective action plans and integration of corrected designs into new field test fleets.

Job Requirements

  • In industrial and/or automotive electronics and the application of electronic controls to the operation of engines, exhaust treatment systems, transmissions or similar industrial embedded control systems

  • In the design of electronics employed in harsh environments including high temperature and high vibration applications

  • Training in Engineering Standard Work processes

  • Six Sigma Tools including Design of Experiments, Fault Tree Analysis, boundary diagrams, and P diagrams
    Environmental Testing of Components
    Mechanical aptitude

  • Must be highly Responsive to Requests

  • Foster teamwork: Builds effective teams committed to organization goals; fosters collaboration among team members and among other teams

  • Communication & presentation skills written & oral

  • Customer Led Quality attitude

  •  Coordinate field test and failure analysis activities for technical customers, suppliers, and technicians to speed research of ECM technologies

  • Review and document the early Design FMEA's between suppliers and customers

  •  Work cross-functionally to create, review, and document technical profiles

  •  Create and manage to a project schedule utilizing Microsoft Project as the main tool

  • Procure, inspect, and deliver prototypes to customers for concept testing of different systems ideas

  • Create when necessary, application and design guidelines

  •   Review supplier research and development capabilities

  •   Prepare and deliver technical status presentations utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint software

  • Write Engineering Job Requests for releases of drawings, part numbers, specifications etc.

  • Conduct cross-functional design reviews and document them

  •  Pursue patent opportunities that offer comparative advantages

  •  Write test procedures to be followed during Design Assurance testing

  • Maintain work plans based on S.M.A.R.T. objectives

  • Create concept development test plans and document in reports

  • Utilize Six Sigma/Functional Excellence to improve work processes

  •  Utilize Six Sigma/Functional Excellence and associated Six Sigma Tools to improve work processes

  • Comfortable in an electronics lab and using various test equipment including oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, power supplies, etc.

  • Comfortable reading schematics, performance specifications, and dimensional drawings

  •  Project management and communication skills

  • Basic Electronic Controls Understanding and Capability

  • Electrical/Electronic Design experience to facilitate root cause analysis and component assessments

  •  Reliability, Durability, Design Validation and Plan Reports (DVPR)

  • Basic assessment capability of one technology verses another

  • Problem solving skills

  • Design of Experiments, statistics, FMEA, FTA, etc.

  • SW tools/skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Minitab, etc.

Education Requirements

Bachelor’s degree minimum in material science, Physics, Electro-Chemistry, EET (BS Electrical Engineering preferred)

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your cover letter and resume.

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