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Job Posting
Emissions Compliance Test Engineer

Columbus, IN

Job Summary

Must be a U.S. Citizen or Green Card Holder

Sponsorship for this position is not available.

Emissions Compliance Test Engineer Job Summary & Requirements

This position utilizes the core competencies of thermal and fluid sciences in the specialized areas of combustion and emissions science. The candidate will be using analytical and experimental approaches to answer key questions about the performance and architecture of a diesel and/or natural gas engine.

  • Investigates product, system, and/or technology problems to understands mechanism and recommend appropriate action to problem resolution with proper documentation

  • Use technical processes such as Engineering Standard Work (ESW), iDFMEA, Failure Incident Review Group (FIRG) while using tools such as 7-step problem solving, design review checklist and other specialized tools required to support the processes.

  • Obtains input from stakeholders such as technical managers, project leaders, product and manufacturing engineers and supplier partners to deliver information and recommendations that lead to successful project decisions.

  • Applies academic knowledge and existing experience to make decisions. Examples of these decisions include day to day project details, analysis or test work instruction details and coordination of work across different areas / functions.

  • Support the improvement of systems and processes.

  • Involves minimal direct management of people but could involve the coordination and direction of work amongst technicians and/or temporary student employees.

Job Requirements

Emissions Compliance Test Engineer Key Responsibilities

  • Applies Principles of Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer, Combustion, Emissions, Thermodynamics and Energy Conversion Systems to interpret and predict performance to answer key questions about the system or component.

  • Apply Product Problem Solving techniques to determine the assignable cause of issues, implement data-based solutions, identify the systemic root causes and recommend actions to prevent problem recurrence.

  • System Requirements Engineering - Uses appropriate methods and tools to translate stakeholder needs into verifiable requirements; establishes acceptance criteria for the system of interest through analysis, allocation, and negotiation; tracks the status of requirements throughout the system lifecycle; assesses the impact of changes to system requirements on project scope, schedule, and resources; creates and maintains information linkages to related artifacts.

  • Systems Thinking - Defines the system of interest by drawing the boundaries, identifying its context within its environment, its interfaces, and that it has a lifecycle to aid in planning the problem statement, scope and deliverables ; analyzes linkages and interactions between elements that comprise the system of interest by using appropriate methods, models and integration of outcomes to understand the system, predict its behavior and devise modifications to it in order to produce the desired effects.

  • Product Failure Mode Avoidance - Mitigates potential product failure modes, by identifying interfaces, functions, functional requirements, interactions, control factors, noise factors, and prioritized potential failure modes and potential failure causes for the system of interest to effectively and efficiently improve the reliability of our products.

  • Technical Documentation - Documents information based on knowledge gained as part of technical function activities; communicates to stakeholders.

Emissions Compliance Test Engineer Desired Skills

Prior entry level engineering equivalent work experience in a relevant field is required.

  • Previous engine test cell emissions and performance testing experience is strongly preferred

  • Knowledge of MS Office Tools is required (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)

  • Tracking Production performance trends to identify production 

  • Collaborating and leading technicians to troubleshoot engines

  • Providing customer support for change requests

  • Statistical knowledge is preferred (Minitab)

  • MATLAB/Simulink and C software language knowledge is preferred

  • Experience working with ECM’s and calibration software is preferred

  • Knowledge of industry testing software is preferred: GT-Power, Fluent, Converge, Concerto, CyberApps (virtual application model), Mach, test data calculation, DARTS, test data storage, Calterm, Electronic Control Module (ECM) calibration tool, Emissions data system, Integrity

Education Requirements

BS in Engineering required. Minimum 5 years’ experience.

Bachelor’s degree in a related field (i.e., EE, ME, ChE) required. Coursework must include heat transfer, thermodynamics, and engine familiarization courses.


Post-graduate degree relevant to engine emissions testing and/or focus on thermodynamics and heat transfer.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your cover letter and resume.

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