Our Expertise

BAA uses its cross-disciplinary view and talents to unlock the information and make it visible. BAA holds engineering expertise and experience and understands the discipline. BAA also takes a “systems” view, understanding how information should be knit together to provide the larger workflow viewpoint. A fundamental strategy is to “shine a light” on the data. Data locked in a desk drawer, in a locally stored spreadsheet, or a small workgroup cannot provide the overall value as that of shared information. It is similar to the concept of social networks that share information in a forum where anyone who has an interest can access and leverage the information.

With the above in mind, BAA holds as a fundamental belief that there is a constant need to understand the underlying Information Engineering at play when looking for a solution.

The focus of BAA is described in the 6 service areas described below, with all of them interconnected by Information Engineering.

Requirements Management

Requirements Management is a critical step in the product management lifecycle. Without proper requirements, the resulting product may not be successful. 

Process Management

In an environment focused on reducing wasted time and effort, well-defined, repeatable processes are key to boosting productivity. BAA has many years of process management experience in a variety of industries. 


Product and automotive diagnostics are core to serviceability of products in the field. Accurate and responsive diagnostics are key to customer satisfaction.

Project Management

The BAA approach to Project Management is built upon the principles of Systems Engineering and blends those concepts in a unique approach to Project Management using our own methodology.

Systems Engineering Tools

Systems Engineering is a broad-based approach that incudes product requirements definition, requirements analysis, product engineering and development, and overall product traceability.

Technical Staffing

BAA specializes in supplying experienced talent in many different technical fields. The BAA HR Department has recruiting experience spanning several decades.