Smart Diagrams

Complex Data, Integrated Solutions

In our experience working with companies, from startups to fortune 500, utilizing visualization tools such as P-diagrams, FMEAs, boundary diagrams, and process flows are common engineering practices. These tools, while useful, often lack a connection to the data they strive to represent. BAA’s solution to this complex issue is to convert these standard representations into “smart” diagrams.

A smart diagram is a graphical representation of data in which the composite shapes are capable of storing data and communicating with each other or the user. In a database a user can manipulate the data with tools such as filters and queries, but typically cannot effectively view data relationships. Graphical representations on the other hand are often quite effective at displaying relationships but lack the ability to be filtered or efficiently searched.

A smart diagram combines the benefits of both by representing data relationships in a format that can be quickly queried or filtered. BAA uses a customizable stencil called the Integrated Visual Relationships Tool in order to facilitate the creation of smart diagrams.

What is the Integrated Visual Relationships Tool (iVRT)?

The iVRT is an add-on for Microsoft Visio which contains a custom set of smart shapes.  This stencil allows a user to quickly create smart diagrams through the use of drag & drop shapes and automatic data linking.

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